Sunday, September 9, 2012


Julie Bolton burst onto the scene in 2010 debuting for the Paddle Ferns at the World Champs in Milan. She joined her twin sister Erin Bolton to create a formidable force within the team. In 20
11 Julie was handed the honor of Captain. She has taken this role in her stride and led New Zealand to fourth place at the 2012 World Championships.

Julie, like both her sisters in the team, is one hell of a passionate and determined player. She is a danger on the 45 with a bullet of a shot and her defense is rock solid.

Julie lives in Palmerston North where she has just finished Uni. She's devoted her life to Polo for the past few months and is now looking to set herself up with a successful career, oh and more polo! Having qualified for the World Games in Colombia next year Julie already has her eyes focused on this goal. Bring on 2013! Shot Julie!

Day Five

The 2012 World Champs is done and dusted! We started the day with an epic game against GB. We gave it everything and sooo very nearly took them down. They were freaking out! Their coach even said after the Grand Final (which Germany beat GB 4-1) that they had had to use everything to beat us and they had nothing left in the tank for the final. Unfortunately we had also had to use everything in the tank to nearly take them down and meant that we lost to the Aussies in the Bronze medal playoff and came fourth. A disappointing result for a team that had come soooo far in the space of a few months. On the bright side we've qualified for the World Games which are in Colombia in early August next year. We're excited to see how our new team and grow and become stronger and stronger. Kia Kaha Kiwis. Thanks everyone for the awesome support! It meant a lot to all of us!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

PADDLE FERNS PLAYER PROFILE...Olivia Spencer-Bower #6.

Liv, aka Georgie, first appeared in a silver fern in the NZ U18 team in a Trans Tasman battle in 2004, alongside fellow Paddle Ferns Emma Hubbard and Emma Matheson.

In 2006 she stepped it up and traveled with the Paddle Ferns to Amsterdam where they achieved NZ's best placing to date of silver. Since then, Liv has graduated to be one of the senior players, competing at Worlds in 2008 and 2010 as well as World Games in 2009.

Liv may be the size of a cat but has the heart and fight of a tiger. She is a force to be reckoned with on the inside on offense and holds up her side on defense with brute force and brilliant technique.

Her dedication to the Paddle Ferns and all things polo related is admirable and inspires her fellow Ferns. Her fitness, work ethic and attitude has been shown not only on the polo pitch but in the realm of multisport as well with regular appearances on the leadersboard at the Coast to Coast and other events.

Liv currently lives in shaky Christchurch and works as a graphic designer and photographer. It is thanks to Liv that our ferns page and blog are regularly updated.

Liv aspires to be the best that she can be in all aspects of her game and is looking forward to competing in her fourth World Championships and taking it all the way to the podium!

Go hard Liv!!!

Day Three

NEWS FLASH...the PADDLE FERNS are into the semis!!

We had an awesome game against the French in the morning beating them 3-2. Next up we had Germany. We started strongly leading 1-2 into the break. Unfortunately the wind was horrible and as we went into the second half we had to play into the wind and the Germans managed to pull past us and take a win. Going into the Italian game it was a must win game for us. The team spirit was immense and we won 3-2. Guaranteeing us a spot in the semis.

Today is a rest day. We've been cheering on the NZ U21 Mens and Women's teams. Both played France in their semis. Both took it to the opposition but unfortunately didn't quite make it. They both play off for Bronze this afternoon.

It's possible our semi will be screened live on the internet, if it is it will be on at 8.20pm NZ time.
Love from the Paddle Ferns

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day One

Yesterday was a great start to our world champs. We convincingly beat the USA 15-0 in what was a great team game. Everyone got a goal!

In the evening we had the opening ceremony. Our very own Paddle Fern Olivia Spencer-Bower was bestowed the honor of being the flag bearer. It was a cracker of a show with an incredible acrobatics/circus display! It finished with an outstanding fireworks show done to music!

Today we play Denmark at 12.30pm followed by Australia at 4.30pm. Our game against aus is being streamed live on the Internet. It will show at 2.30am NZ time.

Thanks for all your support!!!

Love the Paddle Ferns 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Visit this website for live results and video:


Emma, aka Elmo, first debuted for NZ in the winning NZ U21 Team at the Oceania Champs in 2003. She then captained the NZ U18 team in a Trans Tasman battle in 2004, alongside fellow Paddle Ferns Emma Hubbard and Olivia Spencer-Bower. In 2005 she took some time off NZ rep teams while she focused on her study to become a lawyer. With that finally ticked off the list she came back to NZ rep polo debuting for the Paddle Ferns as Vice Captain at the 2011 Oceania Championships.

Emma is the beating heart of the Paddle Ferns. She's the one everyone loves! Her determined work ethic in defense and inside on offense is inspiring. She sure knows how to hold her own any where on the court. Emma's got the goods and more, and we can't wait to see her burst onto the scene at her first World Champs.

In Emma's spare time she is an environmental Lawyer in Wellington and Chairperson of the New Zealand Canoe Polo Assn. She loves Canoe Polo and can't wait to join the rest of the Paddle Ferns on the dias on Sunday!